Ship Maintenance

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With the soaring prices of bunker fuel, it is essential to keep your vessels performance at its peak. Our dive teams can perform any type of vessel maintenance service required, quickly and efficiently; in order to optimize vessel’s efficiency and reduce operating costs. Some of these services are as listed below.

Hull Cleaning

 Featuring the most modern and effective hull cleaning brush-cart system available today, we can clean up to 2500 sq/m an hour depending on the type and severity of the marine growth. Our equipment is extremely portable and we can service your vessel anywhere along the east coast, as well as, ports worldwide. We are currently operating four cleaning machines which offer us great flexibility in meeting our client’s demands while also providing us with equipment redundancy.

Propeller Polishing

It has been well documented through many case studies that the effects of a poorly maintained propeller can decrease speed and power by up to 5 % compared to that of a propeller maintaining an “A” Finish on the Rupert Scale.

The annual cost savings of a 100,000 DWT tanker with a properly maintained propeller can be as much as $150,000 USD. With our high speed polishing equipment and specially formulated abrasive polishing pads our dive teams can complete multi stage micro polishings on the largest of propellers in usually four hours or less, depending upon the maintenance program of the propeller.

Anode Installation

While our dive teams are able to install all types of anodes quickly and efficiently by either bolt-on attachment or by underwater wet welding, we can also supply any type and numbers of anode required, on short notice, as we have long standing relationships with the local suppliers. In addition, we keep in stock, a large variety of anode configurations and material type (i.e.: zinc, aluminum, magnesium) for immediate installation. We also replace and install ICCP systems on a regular basis.

Propeller Replacement

With our extensive inventory of rigging equipment and specialty designed hydraulic presses, our dive teams have successfully completed large in water propeller change outs. In addition, we have recently purchased an International 4900 six-ton crane truck to assist us with the replacement procedures utilized on the USCG 110′ WPB’s, which we perform on a routine basis in the North East region for the Atlantic Command District.

Sea Chest Cleaning

In addition to full hull cleaning services we have also developed specially designed high pressure water jets and hand tools to properly clean the gratings of all sea water inlets as required. Sea inlet gratings are removed when needed in order to clean the interior of the sea boxes with the gratings reinstalled and secured upon completion of the cleaning.