Ship Repair

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Cofferdam Installations

We carry a complete line of custom engineered prefabricated hyperbaric and vacuum cofferdams consisting of adjustable and fixed buoyancy, which we are able to deploy for our larger equipment / appendage replacement; in addition to permanent hull repairs. Custom fabrications are able to be completed on short notice at anytime.

Permanent Hull & Rudder Repairs

  • Insert Plates
  • Bilge Keel Repairs
  • Nautican Linkage Repairs & Replacement
  • Thruster Grate/Tunnel Repairs
  • Sea Chest Grating Fabrication & Installation
  • Full Penetration Welds
  • Bushing Change Outs
  • Rope Guard Installation
  • Flap Rudder Repairs
  • Topside Riding Teams

In Water Valve Replacement

 Utilizing our extensive array of blanks consisting of solid flat aluminum patches, flexible solid back eductor mats, vacuum boxes and a large assortment of mechanical and inflatable plugs we are able to seal off any size or configuration of sea inlet or overboard discharge with ease.

Echo Sounder & Speed Log Replacement

 Working closely with the area’s leading Electronics Companies, we can quickly facilitate any type of change out required on short notice. For our client’s convenience, we have many different types of transducers in stock. From in-water removal and installation to the actual equipment hook up, our teams have the experience to complete any installation.

Stern Seal Repairs

 From face type seal replacements & repairs performed inwater and lip seal repairs performed dry to sealing off stern tubes for interior packing replacement of water lubricated stern seals, we have the ability to perform and arrange your repair as needed.

Underwater Welding and Burning

From hull damage and rudder repairs to anode installation and bulkhead restoration, our dive teams have the know-how and skills to accomplish high quality wet welds in adverse conditions, as we are currently Certified by Lloyds Register and ABS with our own approved welding procedures.

With the newest… in underwater burning rods and methods, our divers can keep production up and the cost down in any aspect of underwater burning, as we are constantly training in all of the different disciplines.