Underwater inspection

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Underwater Inspections

Evaluate the condition of submersed structures to determine the needed for underwater repairs or maintenance. To establish whether or not the state of a subaqueous structure calls for repair, it is recommended that regular inspections be conducted by commercial divers. Commercial divers of underwater structures will identify problems such as scour, cracking in concrete edifices, and corrosion of the structure’s metal components. The scope and magnitude of these problems can be evaluated with commercial diving. A plan of action, developed from a written underwater inspection service report, will dictate recommendations for either regular maintenance or underwater repairs.
Our Underwater Inspection Service Includes:

  • Potable Water Tank Inspections.
  • FERC Inspections
  • Bridge Inspections
  • Valve and Gate Inspection
  • Traveling Water Screen Inspection
  • Trash Rack Inspection
  • Raw Water Intake Inspection
  • Concrete Inspection
  • Stoplog and Bulkhead Inspection
  • Piping Systems Inspection
  • Circulating Water, Service Water, Fire and Pump System Inspection